😷 Easy-To-Make Cozy Face Mask Cover 😷

Your Peaches-and-Cream Skin Deserves a Breathable Treat with Pure55   😱 Does the shortage of face masks make you panic? 😫 How to stop the nightmare of scrambling for face masks in a long queue? 😷 Does long-wearing of face mask almost suffocate you? Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, face masks have become hot property. However, the cruel fact is Money Can’t Buy you Masks during Tough times!   Why not turning to DIY solutions? Face Mask Cover could be a method to Extend the Mask Life, also respond to the call of WHO – “Reserve face masks for coronavirus high-risk people, health workers”.   Pure55 Moisturize and Purify your Face & Mind The fabric of mask cover does matter because nobody likes the feeling of asphyxia. Pure55 pH Balancing Tops, aka “Your Weak Acid Body Mask”, blended TENCEL™ fibers and Acrylate fibers into high-count yarns, perform the most smooth touch to the skin, fast moisture adjustment. You can be still elegant even when sweating so that you can pay all the attention to enjoy each moment.   What Makes Pure5.5 Mask Cover so Different? ✅ Keep your makeup long-staying The weak acid feature keeps balancing the oil & moisture of your skin 24/7. Just like the oil blotting paper for your skin. ✅ For Sensitive Skin Pure5.5 combines the features of 2 fibers—TENCEL™ Lyocell & the Japanese imported weak acid fiber, Acrylate, mix and blend into a single yarn. The Acrylate has a weak acid pH value which helps to balance the pH environment of the skin and maintains great cleanliness. ✅ Prevents Harmful Germs The ideal skin pH is moderately acidic. Pure 5.5 provides an environment for healthy bacteria to grow. ✅ Easy Clean & Quick Dry You do not necessarily have to use detergent to wash Pure5.5. Just make use of clean water and hang it to dry directly. After this, it usually takes less than 4-5 hours to get completely dry. ✅ Breathable Pure5.5 uses Acrylate, a humidity regulatory material that allows for breathability. The pure-dry property is above standard for moisture-wicking clothing. You won’t feel clammy and suffocated, even when wearing for extended periods of time. ✅ Most Smooth Touch Pure5.5 contains botanic TENCEL™ fiber which is more delicate than 100% Cotton products. Treat your peaches-and-cream skin with the gentle touch of Pure5.5. ✅ No Fade & No Harm Vibrant Colors with Grade 4 colorfastness prevents harmful dyes from damaging your skin. ✅ Super Stretchy Flexible for any template. Either 3D or pleated medical mask.   Follow the Zero-Failure Video to Make Useful Face Mask Covers 🔎 Pure55 Tops Intro http://bit.ly/3a5u31B 🛒 Shop for Pure55 Tops http://bit.ly/2v7MjJa | 🔎 Pure55 Underwear Intro http://bit.ly/2Vp5EAe 🛒 Shop for Pure55 Undies http://bit.ly/3c7wmmI   Download the Template for Free 👉 Adult version   👉 Kids version  

Your Love One Shapes Your Life. Your Lingerie Shapes Your Day.

  We all want to be loved. A satisfying relationship is like putting on your dream lingerie, it brings happiness, excitement while you are exactly being yourself. 6 signs you’re in a relationship like dream: ❤ Always be your sword and shield to protect you! Just like Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear that adopts a new generation of Japanese textile technology by TENCEL to maintain sub-acidity for 24-hours to create an environment that’s friendly for healthy bacteria. ❤ Always lifts you up when you’re down! Just like Pure5.5’s elastic fiber that’s resistant to sunlight, hard water, and chlorine. High-quality yarn and twisting techniques make the elastic fiber isn’t prone to fray or shed, could hold shape for a long time. ❤ Always refreshes your energy & spirit! Just like Pure5.5 that protects good bacteria since they have a weakly acidic environment. Help to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria to get rid of the embarrassing odors. ❤ Always lets you feel Free to explore the world in any way you want! Just like Pure5.5’s high-count feature that provides good humidity release and air permeability. This has the benefits of granting immense breathability. ❤ Always gets calm and reconciled easily with you! Just like Pure5.5 makes use of yarn with a compact & dense surface and long fibers, so that stains aren’t easily absorbed by the fiber. That makes underwear easy to wash and clean. Just make use of clean water. ❤ Always shows up with rosy & bright side to enliven your life! Just Like Pure5.5 that comes in 31 vibrant colors with Grade 4 colorfastness, which ensures no fading when washing and also prevents harmful dyes from damaging your skin. Enjoy a good time with a good lover. Not only on any special celebrated day but also day in and day out.  

How’s your day? Reveal Your Daily Mood without Saying a word!

  Most of the people know about how different colors can either affect the emotions or reveal some clues of the users to some degree. It’s a good idea to observe yourself and your partner’s mood to lower the risk of having a fight or getting on the nerves, there’s no harm to know the basic idea! Purple You get it on lock; everything (or everyone) is going to be under control. And maybe it’s also a plus to have a romantic day. Blue You would rather be sitting on the couch or laying on the beach than going for an active exercise today. Today is going to be peaceful and stable. Red Your mood runs hot, a bit easily agitated, and maybe fiercely loyal and would happily battle tooth and nail to win any old argument. You can have an extremely intense exercise today! Orange & Yellow You’re so ready to share positivity with those around you and you don’t shy away from conflict and are incredibly spontaneous. In other words, you're like the cure of your friend’s Monday Blue! Green You would like to have a little escape, maybe have a walk in the park, maybe a short trip in the coming days. Just a little fresh breath can bring you back again!! White & Black You’re quite well-determined, nothing can confuse or stall you. You go straight, there's no issue you can't handle and no conflict you can't solve. Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear Brings you All Colors You Need We have 7 Color Collections and each has multiple choices that you can different! Not only speak for you, THERE’S SO MUCH MORE! It contains up to 50% of biodegradable TENCEL™ fiber from Austria more than others, applies high-count yarn with long fibers, takes longer production time but better performance and creates a compact and dense surface to protect you 24/7. 6 KEY FEATURES *EXCELLENT COLOR RETENTION & VIBRANCY. NO FADING, NO HARM *KEEP LADY PARTS TO STAY DRY & SMELL FRESH *BALANCE pH ON PRIVATE SKIN, PREVENT FROM RECURRENT INFECTIONS *SUPER STRETCHY & EXTRA COMFY *MINIMAL STATIC CHARGE ALLOWS FOR ALL DAY COMFORT AND MOISTURIZATION *EASY CLEAN, QUICK DRY

No More Dreadful Wedgies!

  Wedgies are extremely annoying to deal with. If you spend most of your time adjusting your pants to avoid wedgies, making sure no one is watching you pull the underwear out from your butt crack. Here are tips to prevent wedgies. Wear fitted underwear– Tight underwear could prevent constant wedgies, but too tight underwear will cause skin bulges around your hips, even you are an ultra-slender woman. However, your baggy underwear has more materials which can get stuck in places it shouldn’t. So, one of your safest bets could be wearing underwear which is exactly of your size. The feeling of fit is as perfect as “skin to skin”, like the child snuggled close to his/her mother. Go commando— The idea of going commando may completely escape from wedgies, but there are a few rules to follow. If you are going without panties regularly, be sure to consider the health risks. Vaginal folliculitis, yeast infections, UTIs, and chafing are a few possible ailments that are even more uncomfortable than having wedgies. Pick “No-Wear” comfort underwear— Wearing Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear can be one of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting wedgies. Pure 5.5 elastic fiber doesn’t use low-cost fibers produced in other countries. "20 Danny superfine elastic fiber" adopts the jointly developed technology of Japan’s Asahi Kasei and Formosa Plastics Group. Pure5.5 elastic fiber is resistant to sunlight, hard water, and chlorine. Using high-quality yarn and twisting techniques, this elastic fiber is not prone to fray or shed and holds shape for a long time. The ultra-fine 20 Danny fibers make the fabric smooth and the color dye even. Every time you got put on those fresh undies, you’ll know that you have the best bottoms in the league. aPure Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear free your butt from uncomfortable and embarrassing wedgies. 6 key features: *Keep lady parts to stay dry & smell fresh *Balance pH on private skin, prevent from recurrent infections *Super stretchy & Extra comfy *Minimal static charge allows for all day comfort and moisturization *Easy clean, quick dry, your travel essential *No fade, no harm, colorfastness on grade 4

A Good Thing Come To Those Who Sweat

    A Good Thing Come To Those Who Sweat aPure Invites You to Fight against Butt Sweat Marks with Us (Taipei, Taiwan) Chilling on the beach, and the dreaded sweat marks, sounds familiar? Most of us have witnessed or been through such scenario. Sweaty bum or sweat between legs is a universal problem at all times and some people just happen to sweat more than others.   Butt sweat is not like the sweat produced by other parts of the body which may contain smelly substance, it’s odorless. Only on some occasions it leaves an evidence that you were sitting somewhere through your pants or caused chafing.   When the ambient temperature is higher than your body temperature, the only way of your body to transfer heat is evaporative heat loss. Exercising, wearing unbreathable fabrics and negative emotions cause increasing temperature of your body as well. The most comfortable temperature for the private parts and your butt is between 30 ∼ 32 °C, and the ideal relative humidity is 40 ∼ 60%RH. As long as there is excretion like sweat or vaginal discharge, it’ll make the skin humid and feels even hotter.   The right type of underwear is the key to release the heat from your body, keep your rear cool and dry. Lose your skinny jeans, opt for the undergarments made of moisture-wicking and absorbent fabrics. Basic cotton is good because it’s breathable, however once they get wet, they stay wet. Linen is also good because it’s the lightest fabric, but it’s not exactly practical for everyday use.   A Good Underwear Come To Those Who Sweat The worthy investment is Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear! It’s Lightweight, Breathable, good Hygroscopicity and Quick-Dry, contains up to 50% of biodegradable TENCEL™ fiber from Austria and high percentage of Acrylate from Japan. Pure5.5 applies high-count yarn with long fibers, it takes longer production time than others but presents better performance, creates a long-lasting softness which also boasts of intense durability to protect you 24/7.   6 Key Benefits of Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear EASY CLEAN, QUICK DRY, GREAT BREATHABILITY KEEP LADY PARTS TO STAY DRY & SMELL FRESH BALANCE pH ON PRIVATE SKIN, PREVENT FROM RECURRENT INFECTIONS SUPER STRETCHY & EXTRA COMFY MINIMAL STATIC CHARGE ALLOWS FOR ALL DAY COMFORT AND MOISTURIZATION NO FADE, NO HARM, COLORFASTNESS ON GRADE 4

Underwear 101 – 5-Big-NOs to Underwear Literally Saves Your Butt

(Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear has simple but important “5 Big NO’s” motto, “No Smell, No Stains, No Bother, No Harm, and No Pollution”. Those summarize high quality, essentially all that needed to make a perfect panty and aim to save your butt & intimate skin) Ladies, remember how it feels like and the sheer attention when your underwear gives you an unexpected wedgie in public? Ever experienced the awkward that you suddenly found the stains on the undies in regular time? Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear has simple but important “5 Big NO’s” motto, “No Smell, No Stains, No Bother, No Harm, and No Pollution”. Those summarize high quality, essentially all that needed to make a perfect panty and aim to save your butt & intimate skin. No Smell Pure5.5 keeps your butt in a weakly acidic environment, maintains a healthy balance of good & bad bacteria so it can get rid of the most offensive and embarrassing odors. No Stains Pure5.5 combines the features of TENCEL™ from Austria, the Japanese Hydrophilic Weak Acid Fiber and rayon by blending into a single high-count yarn. With the compact & dense surface and long fibers, stains are not easily absorbed by the fiber. Easy to wash, clean and dry. No Bother Pure5.5 provides good humidity release and immense breathability, enhances secretion of discharge to keep intimate parts away from bad bacteria, soft and delicate to skin. No Harm Pure5.5 has Grade 4 colorfastness to prove excellent color vibrancy, retention and healthy to skin. (Colorfastness is graded from 1-5, the higher the number, the better the grade.) No Pollution Detergents do harm to the underwear or the environment more or less. Pure5.5 has botanic origin and it’s bio-degradable. It needs no detergent most of the time since it can be cleaned simply by water.      

aPure Launches Womens 6-in-1 Underwear to Improve Consumers’ Quality of Life

(Are you expecting to be a laid-back lady? Just get in Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear support 6-in-1 amazing facts designed exclusively for female's skin.) For those female consumers who are looking for the underwear that features multi-purpose to solve their concern in life, such as easy-clean and quick-dry, aPure unveils Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear supports 6-in-1 amazing facts could be the ideal choice designed exclusively for female’s sensitive skin and vagina hygiene needs.  Easy-Cleaning Panties! Not a Lazy Girl's Guide. “The Smartest, Most Time-Saving Way to Wash” is what we’re talking about. Also could be related to the conscious of No Pollution. No need of detergent, just make use of clean water and hang it to dry directly.  Quick-Drying Panties! How fast? Usually takes less than 4 hours to get completely dry. That means “Pack Lighter, Smarter, and Faster for your trip” and even free up more space in the suitcase for the souvenirs is not a dream anymore. Odor-Eliminating Panties! While running can do wonders for your mood, it can also leave you pretty smelly. Fortunately, fastest odor eliminating undies help get rid of the most offensive and embarrassing odors. The Odor is a thing of the past.  Elastic & Durable Panties! No one wants to wear saggy underwear — it's uncomfortable and unsightly. But wearing too tightly is just as big of a mistake. Specific and soft fabric design is the right choice that brings out “Feels like you're not wearing undergarments” is no exaggeration at all.  No-Fading Panties! Ladies’ intimate life should be colorful. Your underwear drawer is NOT the most boring place in the world henceforth. Be bold to pick new colors that truly represent your personality and make your life bright!   aPure is proud to announce the Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear is available now in Malaysia. We sincerely invite women everywhere to share your thoughts about underwear on our social media with the hashtag #GetInMyBalance.