We all want to be loved. A satisfying relationship is like putting on your dream lingerie, it brings happiness, excitement while you are exactly being yourself.

6 signs you’re in a relationship like dream:

❤ Always be your sword and shield to protect you!

Just like Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear that adopts a new generation of Japanese textile technology by TENCEL to maintain sub-acidity for 24-hours to create an environment that’s friendly for healthy bacteria.

❤ Always lifts you up when you’re down!

Just like Pure5.5’s elastic fiber that’s resistant to sunlight, hard water, and chlorine. High-quality yarn and twisting techniques make the elastic fiber isn’t prone to fray or shed, could hold shape for a long time.

❤ Always refreshes your energy & spirit!

Just like Pure5.5 that protects good bacteria since they have a weakly acidic environment. Help to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria to get rid of the embarrassing odors.

❤ Always lets you feel Free to explore the world in any way you want!

Just like Pure5.5’s high-count feature that provides good humidity release and air permeability. This has the benefits of granting immense breathability.

❤ Always gets calm and reconciled easily with you!

Just like Pure5.5 makes use of yarn with a compact & dense surface and long fibers, so that stains aren’t easily absorbed by the fiber. That makes underwear easy to wash and clean. Just make use of clean water.

❤ Always shows up with rosy & bright side to enliven your life!

Just Like Pure5.5 that comes in 31 vibrant colors with Grade 4 colorfastness, which ensures no fading when washing and also prevents harmful dyes from damaging your skin.

Enjoy a good time with a good lover. Not only on any special celebrated day but also day in and day out.