aPure's Produce Traceability

aPure=Creative Production of Green Fashion

aPure, the brand from Taiwan, is coincidentally the same spelling with one state of Venezuela, Apure, a place with well natural ecological balance.

We are already here for 16 years with our customers, and every Year for aPure is a new beginning! aPure Sought to offer the best, the trend, and the whole-hearted products. 

Visit aPure not only you can get to know about our origins of the yarns, but also to feel how comfortable and pure we can be!

We use eco-friendly and soft to skin materials only, everyone should Enjoy a better Life! 

“An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have, 

but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them.”-Andy Worhol

aPure's Intention- Where we start.


 aPure hasa solid faith believe that everyone deserves a better and a pure life. Unlike other apparel brands, we didn’t start from a fancy design but a physicalcondition.

The brand founder, Simon, used to suffer from smelly foot, a common issue in Asia because of the weather is humid in most of the time, foot odor caused him some inconvenience eventually. In 2004, a rebellious intention “Why was there no any product that can help? I don’t want to live with odor anymore” came out.

The deodorant socks called PureSocks produced by the aPure brand received a lot of positive reviews from customers in a very short time. For 16 years, more than 9 Millions pairs of PureSocks are sold, the accumulated height of the socks is almost 441 times of Building Taipei 101, to mainly from people who suffered from foot odor and compensatory hyperhidrosis. aPure’s odor free PureSocks made it from “NOBODY KNOWS” to “HOUSEHOLD”!


PureSocks Curriculum Vitae

l  Fastest-Selling of 9 MILLIONS

l  Blending & Mixing Deodorant Yarns, Anti-bacterial Yarns and Moisture Wicking Yarns

l  More Than 160 Patterns for Choice

l  Unique Air Flow Design takes only 1 Day to Improve Stinky Feet

l  5 Times Faster Air Drying than General 100% Cotton Socks

l  Sports Collection Adopts the most severe standard 3-Pick Terry on the Footbed Padding

l  Apply Special Forces nominated Hosiery Weaving Tech

l  Use the "Hand Counting Simulation Sewing Machine" To make the Toe Box non-compressive and Seamless


aPure's Journey 

By the second year of manufacturing deodorant socks, the aPure brand already had an exceptional reputation as a functional fiber expert. Moving on, after the sixth and seventh year in business, aPure started creating distribution centers to allow easy reach on the parts of users. We set up a department store counter in the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Station Store in Taipei and its very first physical storefront in the Shihlin Night Market. 

After that, Simon the brand owner entered a partnership deal with TOYOBO CO., LTD—top makers of fibers and textiles in Japan to develop fabrics that could generate and maintain heat.

This development was the starting point of turning aPure to a leading functional fiber brand in Taiwan.

In 2013, aPure faced the full impact of the introduction of different other brands in the apparel/clothing industry, foreign brands was imported and tariffs were reduced. From Europe, America, and Japan, competitors flooded the Taiwan market.

In response to this, aPure had to switch up the strategy. They first reduced their production speed, after which, they started investing their new available time in making only products that are bound to be used. This new method commanded a lot of quality, which was despite the intact affordability.

aPure's Vision & Mission

With the same idea of the deodorant socks, intention to improve physical condition, all products aPure developed is to make everyone "Enjoy a Pure Life", we care about not only comfort but more about how to Treat Yourself Better! We work with reliable partners, the Lenzing Group, by using their flagship brand for textiles, TENCEL™ branded Loycell, enter a partnership deal with TOYOBO CO., LTD, one of the top makers of functional fibers and textiles in Japan, to develop fabrics that could maintain heat, balance the pH value, and regulate moisture.


Since 2003, aPure has experienced over a decade of changes in market demand. Still, their quality as at their starting point is the main goal that must be made constant. In the words of the founder, Simon,“The last ten years of hardening will ensure the next ten years of perseverance”.