Produce Traceability
We are already here for 16 years with our customers, and every Year for aPure is a new beginning! aPure Sought to offer the best, the trend, and the whole-hearted products.
Visit aPure not only you can get to know about our origins of the yarns, but also to feel how comfortable and pure products we offer!
We use eco-friendly, harmless and soft to skin materials only. aPure has a solid faith believing that everyone deserves to Enjoy a Pure Life.
Curriculum Vitae of PureSocks
  • Fastest-Selling of 9 MILLION Pais
  • Blend & Mix Deodorant Yarns, Anti-bacterial Yarns and Moisture Wicking Yarns
  • More Than 160 Patterns for Choice
  • Unique Air Flow Design to Get rid of Stinky Feet
  • 5 Times Faster Air Drying than General 100% Cotton Socks
  • Sports Collection Adopt the most severe standard 3-Pick Terry on the Footbed Padding
  • Apply Special Forces nominated Hosiery Weaving Tech
  • Use the Hand Counting Simulation Sewing Machine To make the Toe Box Non-compression and Seamless
PureSocks, the Most Breathable & Supportive Socks
Unlike other apparel brands, we didn’t start from a fancy design but a physical condition. The brand founder, Simon, used to suffer from smelly foot, a common issue in Asia because of the weather is humid in most of the time. In 2004, the first deodorant PureSocks was created out of empathy.
In 16 years, more than 9 Millions pairs of PureSocks are sold, the accumulated height of the socks is almost 441 times of Building Taipei 101, to mainly from people who suffered from foot odor and compensatory hyperhidrosis. aPure’s odor free PureSocks made it from “NOBODY KNOWS” to “HOUSEHOLD”! PureSocks, aPure’s First Innovation!
Curriculum Vitae of Pure5.5
  • Contain high percentage of biodegradable TENCEL™ fibers from Austria National Park
  • Use longest Hydrophilic Staple Fibers that create a compact and dense surface that performs great breathability and moisture absorption
  • Adopt the weak acid fiber Acrylate from Japan, keep your skin pH Balanced 24/7
  • Gained Sales Champion in the Department Stores for 4 years
  • High-Count Yarns make stains and smell difficult to be absorbed
  • Super Easy Clean and Quick Drying
Pure5.5, the Undergarments from the Trees
After steady growth and customers’ support for 8 years, it came to our attention that there was high percentage of our lady fans turned into moms, they were in different phases of their lives and they require different kind of protection.
Perceive the desires of women, the demands of “comfort” and “smooth feeling”, aPure import the best weak acid fibers from Japan to produce pH Balancing Underwear and Tops, to be the strongest shield of every woman, and protect the most sensitive skin of your body. Pure5.5, aPure’s most Thoughtful Innovation!
Curriculum Vitae of feGood
  • The first Polo shirt featured odor elimination in Taiwan
  • Deodorant /Smooth/Cool & Dry/Anti- static/UV resistant /Sweat-Wicking
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • 100% Made in Taiwan
  • SGS Certificated UPF 30 ( Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 
  • Over 10,000 Witnesses the Effective Functions
  • Apply Breathable 150-denier Fabric
feGood, the Cooling Polo Shirt from the Ocean
A man is supposed to have one piece feGood.
Most of men are burdened with family dependency or income responsibility. They instinctively guard the things and people they love but barely tell their stress or pain, their emotions are so repressed. Nothing can comfort and soothe a man more than feFree do, put on feFree to free yourself!
feFree is inspired from the nature, blends the collagen yarn extracted from fish scales and moisture wicking yarn to make an advanced fiber clothing that can eliminate smell and soft to skin. feGood, aPure’s most gentlemanly Innovation!
Curriculum Vitae of feHot
  • Adopt Genuine Heat Generating and Storage Fibers up to 10%
  • Feature Active Temperature Adjustment
  • The temperature around the body increased up to 6°C
  • Contain up to 32% of TENCEL™ branded fibers, extra smooth to skin and comfortable
  • Repurchase Rate over 82%
  • Apply Special Weaving Method make it extra Durable & Super Stretchy
feHot, the Thermal Clothes Hearten the World
To meet different demands of 4 distinct seasons in Taiwan, aPure worked with one of the top makers of fibers and textiles from Japan, imported the weak acid heat generating fibers, developed the first thermal clothing in Taiwan and lead to “Hot Trend”.
Only genuine material can really generate and maintain the heat. aPure Uphold the craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best, worked with an experienced and skillful craftsman to make feHot. While facing impact of fast fashion, aPure was still growing and insisting on good quality. We apply eco-friendly materials only to Protect both our customers and the Earth. feHot, aPure’s Warmest Innovation!