PureSocks Gently and Supportively
Set you Free from Odor & Sweats!
In past years, over 9 million pairs of PureSocks are sold and recommended by over 650,000 customers.
Polyester is inexpensive which is why manufacturers use it. The problem is, this material doesn’t help create breathable socks. It creates a safe space for bacteria to rapidly multiply.
One of the main causes of foot odor hides in the seams of toe nails and creases of the feet. Your old socks are saturated with it. Your constant use of old socks strengthens the bacteria.
It is bacteria and it has survived countless cycles with tide pods. This allows foot sweat to ferment into your socks, creating a nasty foot odor that may remind you of a relative.
Don’t allow this problem to persist. It’s time to throw your old socks away!


The majority of people’s feet stay wrapped in socks and stuffed in shoes all day long.
The odor of sulfides and nitrides is produced through the metabolism of the skin, hair, and stratum corneum, as well as bacteria action. This reaction occurs because bacteria can decompose the amino acids in sweat.
The natural death and corruption of bacteria also produces ammonia-like odors. These odors can combine to create a unique fishy odor, which is commonly considered to be the origin of your grandfather’s old slippers.
In fact, improving this situation is VERY SIMPLE; by CHOOSING THE RIGHT PAIR OF SOCKS, you can make your feet FRESH and COMFY!
- Stuffy and Humid environment around feet
High moisture content is favorable for the breeding and reproduction of bacteria, increases skin pH value to higher lever and releases carbon dioxide, which is ideal for bacteria growth.
- Tinea pedis (Athlete's foot) and sweaty feet
Wet and rotten skin creates the most severe type of foot odor.
- Excessive, thick and aged keratin
This nutrition source of bacteria promotes bacterial reproduction and worsens foot odor.
- Bacterial decomposition and catabolism
The natural death and corruption of bacteria also produces ammonia-like odors. These odors can combine to create a unique fishy odor. Urea and lactic acid in the skin’s keratin and foot sweat both produce nitride and sulfide.
- Bacteria on the fibers
Clean feet + Old socks = Dirty feet. Likewise, clean feet + PureSocks= a Pure Life with Fresh feet and Odor Free!
5 Cons of PureSocks
  1. Reduce Stress on Feet
  2. Manage Moisture
  3. Keep Feet Dry, Comfy and Warm
  4. Get Rid of Odor
  5. No Friction No Blisters

The proliferation of bacteria is quick. Research indicates that feet carry millions of bacteria, even after removing your shoes. Washing and pumicing the skin can’t even kill all bacteria hidden in the sweat glands and skinfolds.

Difficult to remove and due to perspiration, the secretion of sebum metabolizes into bacteria on the skin. This cycle allows foot odor to perpetuate. Every day, worldwide, socks are re-contaminated by the feet without any remedy. That was until we developed Puresocks.

Help rid the planet of stinky feet by staying informed. Read the chart below for the cause and effect of bacteria dwelling environment.

We have been innovating in the specialized deodorant sock industry for over dozens of years. Our large existing customer base speaks fondly of our textile technology and Eco-friendly production processes. Thousands of premium reviews, recommendations, and millions of sales figures prove only one thing.

Our technology works in reducing foot odor. You will notice a change in only three days. All you have to do is slide a pair on and immediately notice a comfortable difference.

People suffering from foot odor have tried various strange remedies for their problem The only common result: nothing works.
No amount of rubbing, spraying, or soaking in medication, tea, or vinegar helps kill the bacteria. Understanding the causes of foot odor can help you prevent bacteria manifestation.
The goal of your understanding is to help rid you of your foot odor for good.
Foot odor is actually quite normal, find out how to fix it!
1) Wear sweat-absorbent and breathable Socks
Barefoot in your shoes is inviting germs, blisters and sweat stains into the soles. Prepare at least 5 pairs of socks and alternate wearing 3 pairs of shoes.
2) Don’t Scratch your itchy feet or toes
Avoid spreading bacteria to other parts of your body by your hands.
3) Make sure to dry in between your toes after bathing or washing your feet.
Take time to blow-dry your feet and toes and do not walk barefoot on damp floors.
4) Properly use the prescribed medicine during the treatment
If you have a skin infection somewhere on your body, treat it as soon as possible. Continue using the medicine for a few weeks after the symptoms disappear to ensure that the body is rid of the infectious bacteria.
5) After healing, all previously used socks should be thrown out
Obtain the approval of a dermatologist before you stop the medicine.
1. Moisture-absorbing /Sweat-Wicking Fibers and Air-Flow Design
PureSocks developed this unique Moisture-absorbing and Sweat-Wicking Fibers called “aPureDry”, it adopted “double-sided weaving method". There are fine grooves on the surface that instantly discharge moisture through absorption, diffusion, and transmission; it’s 5 times faster than cotton fibers to transport moisture of the fabric to keep the skin’s surface dry.
The Air-flow design has two liners creating an air flow channel. This special structural design allows moisture to be discharged quickly, just like a small ventilation fan. Even after extensive exercising with heavy sweating, your feet will stay dry and be able to breath.
By using aPureDry fiber and applying Air-flow design, moisture and sweat on the skin surface are instantly discharged, keep the skin dry and cool, and effectively prevent the spread of bacteria.
2. Won the 2003-2005 European Special Forces Design Award
PureSocks has won the European Special Forces Design Award for its “Anti-bacteria processing technology”. Combined with organic particles, this innovative composite material significantly increases the fiber’s permeability.
Creating an environment where microbes cannot survive effectively prevents bacteria growth. In doing this, you have suffocated the ability for sulfide and nitride to build. These are the chemicals that produce foot odor, and they’re gone!
Puresocks also meets the United States AATCC 100-1993 standard and Japan JIS L 1902-1998 standards to protect the feet in any weather. Your foot odor is no longer an issue allowing you to enjoy a pure life.
3. Super Well-wrapped & Stretching
For most people trying PureSocks, their first impression is: “How could it be so soft!” or “The covering is good. It feels like my feet are stepping on an air cushion.” PureSocks’ Sport Collection adopts 3-pick terry on the footbed padding to protect the ankle, the arch, and the toes. This sock-weaving method makes the socks extremely supportive to transverse arch and longitudinal arches, usually used in professional socks only and is especially ideal for mountaineers, fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes or people who sweat more.
4. U-heel Design to Support Heel to Toe + Spandex Cuff to Protect Ankles
The feet are humans’ most important tool for walking and playing all day, which is why supporting the feet is of utmost importance and is even related to the body’s balance. This high-performance operation deserves attentive care!!
The U-heel design is an extra wide and enhanced elastic strap, it perfectly covers the area from heel to ankle, distributes the pressure evenly to stabilize the ankle. This high-density cushion design protects the heel and effectively reduces the friction and damage.
We have adopted top-grade Spandex elastic fiber; the cuff is not easily loosened but has good elasticity to adapt to any leg size without itchiness, it’s comfortable and durable!
5. We offer a quality After-Sales service to make sure you are happy and comfortable
Millions of pairs of PureSocks have been sold on the market, helping hundreds of thousands of people to solve their foot odor problems. Except in very few special cases, most of our customers followed our instruction have significantly reduced foot odor within one week.
This is the promise of aPure, we know that only a genuine product and honest business can ensure the long-term success of an enterprise brand.
Only please follow the recommended instruction, and do not use bleach or softener, to avoid shortening the service life of the fiber.
Sport Collection
▲ Multi-function Tech Sports Socks
The human's foot is a strong and complex mechanical structure containing muscles, heel, tendons, joints, ligaments, and arches. Any activity like jumping, running, kicking, walking, mountain climbing, skiing and even self-defense relies on the co-work of each part of the foot. PureSocks applied Moisture Absorbing & Sweat Wicking Tech, are the best selection for professional athletes and Special Forces who sweat a lot.

▲ Flexible Cuff
The socks cuff can fit all shapes and all sizes of legs, perform good flexibility to keep it from sliding, sagging & slipping. It’s not too tight, not too loose and leaves no marks!

▲ Reinforced Heel Padding
This sock-weaving method makes the socks extremely supportive to transverse arch and longitudinal arches; wearing it is like stepping on an air cushion. This High-density Cushion Design absorbs stress and protects the heel and effectively reduces the friction and damage.
▲ Dynamic Stretch Ribs Design
Dynamic Stretch Ribs Design increases the strength and the flexibility, lessen pain and swelling in your feet.


▲ Air-Flow Design
Our unique Air-Flow design can make Moisture Absorbing and Sweat Wicking very quickly, the air circulation between feet and the shoes run well so that your feet can Breathe and Relieve! It’s like there’s a mini ventilation fan making an air convection under your foot, continuously exchanging the heat with fresh air and bringing moisture out of your foot through the movement of the foot. The breathable structure and deodorant fiber can eliminate the odor, keep the feet dry and comfy!


▲ Elastic U-band
The movements of our feet rely on the co-work of each part of it, especially the Achilles' Tendon and the heels, they are the most important parts that should be taken care of. To protect and not to restrict your feet, we have the elastic U-band made by extra elastic fibers, distributes the pressure evenly to stabilize the ankle.
aPure’s Promises
Only a genuine product and honest business ensures the long-term success of an enterprise brand. Our socks are designed to help get rid of foot odor, provide comfort and help you Enjoy aPure Life. With better socks and a better promise, we have one reminder for our valued customers.
Please follow the recommended washing instructions. Prolong the service life of the fiber by refraining from the use of bleach and fabric softeners. When it naturally becomes time to get new PureSocks, your old ones can be recycled.
That’s right! All of our products are biodegradable and every process meets an eco-friendly production standard.
1. Pattern Coding & Design
Drawing can take an entire day. Once the design is confirmed, professional graphics software is used to create the dot matrix image simulation. Even simple patterns use several thousands of pixel grids.


2. Knitting
Raw yarn is the starting point for producing socks of high quality and performance function. PureSocks use three different types of yarn, each with its own individual purpose.
Moisture-absorbing and sweat-releasing yarn quickly discharges sweat. Antibacterial yarn prevents bacterial growth. And deodorant yarn neutralizes the ammonia in sweat and the germs produced by bacteria. These three yarns are knitted into interlocking loops that form the tubes of the socks.
With enhanced moisture absorption, sweat release, and comfortable cushion characteristics, aPure’s superior sock sole design is completed at this stage.


3. Sewing and Stitching
The maximum production capacity of a hosiery machine is 200 pairs per day. "Sock turning," is meticulous process in which the socks tubes are turned inside out.
A knitwear worker will perform the next stage of manual stitching the separated sock parts together. Old technique requires time-consuming manual labor. Sure, socks are made to be extremely comfortable and relieve your feet, but this traditional work requires good eyesight and patience. This is a very rare skillset in today’s world.
Nowadays, the process is completed by sergers, a needle stitching machines. These sergers will produce a primary seam that will rub the feet when wearing. This is not good enough for aPure. We use the highest level of a “hand counting simulation sewing machine,” so that the finished product feels as if it were made by hand.
Customers who suffer from edema or diabetes will not feel any discomfort making our product an extreme value to consumers. We associate this level of satisfaction with our product’s great demand.
4. Boarding
Once the sock is linked, creating the patented air channel, cosmetics can begin.
First, the finished product is manually placed on a metal foot stretch frame. This is where socks are shaped and sized before being sent into an oven to bond the sock with its new dimensions. A similar process is used for sole customization.
After experiencing high temperature steam, the socks will be removed from the frame. aPure has developed a database of consumer foot shapes using data from its +8 million pairs of socks sold. This information will help us create the perfect sock, just for you.

5. Packaging
This stage focuses on quality control, conducting several tests on the product. Same with most industry-leading companies, we implement quality control checklists and standards.
A Yarn Die Uniformity Check, Color Concentration Tests, and Fabric Inspection are key components in quality permission from aPure. Any defects are restored to their natural properties and recycled to fiber.
Once every inspection is completed, the products are selected and paired by hand. Manually packaging socks ensures the quality of our product before being shipped to your doorstep. We believe in enjoying a pure life, from head to toe. This stage ensures that you feel it in every step!
Multinational Patented Insoles
Many foot odors occur because you don’t have the time to clean your shoes every day. Your insoles become a source for spreading bacteria and producing this foul odor. So for our friends that are prone to stinky feet, we recommend that you replace your old soles with the multinational patented insole. It has the same features as our socks and gives you have twice the amount of support. We will help you get rid of your foot odor, it’s our mission!
  • Hydrophilic Surface Layer
  • POLIYOU Moisture-absorbing & Deodorizing Layer
  • Sweat-releasing Base
  • Sweat-absorbing and Moisture -releasing
  • Comfortable and Cool
  • Anti-slipping and Elastic
  • Deodorizing
  • Washable and Durable
  • Environmental-Friendly and Recyclable
aPure’s incredible insoles are patented on a multinational level. With a supportive, breathable excellent air flow design, these insoles really do it all! They can absorb more sweat than their entire volume (10 sec/100 ml).
This insole quickly reduces foot temperature and eliminates that wet, sticky feeling from being on your feet all day. PureDry technology is designed for all genders to help eliminate foot odor, promote skin health and environmentalism.
Now, Start enjoying your Pure Life with PureSocks!!