Q: aPure’s Products are all made of functional fibers, is there anything need to be noticed?

A: aPure products are easily cleaned by general cleaning procedures. However each household has different washing habits, we recommend not use bleach to avoid fading.

Also avoid fabric softener as it may contains strong chemical substances to make clothing soft and aromatic, may damage the fiber or block the pores of the fiber and affect the functional effect.

Q: Your products are so colorful and look so bright, do they fade?

A: We have a special treatment to all aPure’s Products to remove the alkaline substances that are adhered to during the dyeing process before they leave the factory to ensure there are no unhealthy residues. It is inevitable that sometimes there will be excess dye in the clothes which might be released when the first time washing.

If this do happen to you when first time washing, please don’t be worried.

aPure ‘s products are under strict standard of Colorfastness and quality control during entire dyeing and finishing process. However everyone’s washing habit is different and the way to use laundry detergent is not the same. We recommend to separate it from the light and white clothes in the first few washing.  After several washings, there will be no fading unless encountering heavy-base detergents like fabric softener or bleach.

Q:  How long can the functions remain and the products life last? 

A: All products of aPure are made of a variety of special fibers and special weaving methods. The functions come from each fiber’s own properties itself, so the effect won’t change under suggested cleaning and maintenance conditions, the service life is the same as general clothing.

Please do not scrub it too hard by the brush so as not to damage the structure of the fiber which leads to lose of the function.

Q: Why aPure suggest to use neutral detergent?

A: Detergents usually contain a strong base agent that dilutes when mixed with water. Unless overused or soaked for a long period, normal laundry detergent, cold washing agent, and even body wash, shampoo, and hand cleanser used as laundry detergent, will not influence the function of our product.

However due to different washing habits, some may soak the garments in detergent for long time or use too much detergent which may leave residue that prevents the fiber’s characteristics and harms the clothing material or the fiber structure. 

Q: I found pilling on one of my PureSocks when my first time wearing, what can I do?

A: Every phrase of production is under strictly control from choosing material fibers, knitting, sewing, stitching, boarding and outgoing inspection, some are handled by man and some by machine.

Even so, the pilling is still unavoidable. We suggest to turn the socks inside out and wash it before your first wearing. After few time washing this way, the pilling can be removed. 

Q: Should I wash my Pure5.5 underwear before wearing them for the first time?

A: Only few brands or manufacturers of underwear will give this instruction. aPure cares about your healthy and quality, we would like to remind you to wash it before your first time wearing.

The underwear directly contact with your intimate skin, no matter how detailed treatment is applied, there are still excessive fibers or wools that is not visible to the naked eyes. This tip is to make sure you can have the best experience with Pure5.5! 

Q: Can I exchange or return a good that is opened?

A: The Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear and PureSocks are very personal products directly contacted with the skin. Due to hygienic reasons, please understand we are not able to accept any exchange or return of opened items.

Any further request refers to exchange and return, please kindly contact us before any action. Find more detail refer to our Return Policy Here.


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