A humble, decent and mature man is every woman’s Prince Charming. Men are like wine, the more they experienced, the more attractive they will become, the traces and imprints of time on the face are the symbols of wisdom and reliableness.
A gentlemen doesn’t need to spend too much time to dress up but simply put on feGood Men’s Polo shirts, you can be photogenic and stylish and eye catching.

Definition of Classy Man?
A man who takes responsibility, discipline himself,
focus on his Passion, and cares for Healthy Self-Image.
── The most Desirable Moments of Men ──
★ While With Kids
★ While At Work
★ While Dating Beloved
★ While Working Out
" The Considerate Guy "
Decent & Mature
While A Man playing with kid,
it is charming and reliable just like feGood!
feGood perfectly fit your Broad Shoulder
Even in a society where men and women are equal, most women still enjoy the feeling of being loved by someone and being held in someone’s arms. The man with well-built shoulder is always popular.
No matter how difficult life may seem, he who has big soft heart can always hold the hands and take good care of beloveds till the end.
Sometimes you need to looks invincible, and it’s not difficult. A Polo with three-dimensional cut can smoothly fit your shoulder line, easily flatter your face shape and make you look tough, that is feGood!
6 Seasons of Why you can't Miss feGood

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The professional weaving and cutting techniques make feGood look stiff, keep in shape for long, fit your body and comfortable. Like a promising man, feGood is very reliable, no fading no harm to your body!
" The Professional Gentleman "
Concentrated & Confident
One of the most alluring moments of a man
is while he paid 100% attention on working.
If you want something really bad, be unstoppable, be better than anyone around, even it will burn your life to the ground.
A man who is passionate about work always looks dazzling while working.
Just as feGood expects to offer the most comfortable experience to the wearer, blends Sweat-Wicking yarns and collagen yarns into TENCEL™ fibers, the cost is much higher than other brands but it worth every penny for us.
Pay close attention to the detail opt for the best quality and the best touch to the skin.
Our Pride from the Ocean – Milkfish
Milkfish is not only a traditional delicious dish in Taiwan, it also has great health economic value as a source of collagen. It is said that there was a man who engaged in farming fishery, one day he found the scales of milkfish were easily adhered to the skin. He went to a researcher and figured out the fact :
The milkfish scales are full of collagen.
Since then, people started to study and apply the scales to different applications, cosmetics and food for example.
How about feGood?
We mix Wood-pulp and milkfish scales to make our yarns.
It’s not an easy work to produce collagen yarns, the procedures are complex and lead to higher cost. However the finished products will be extremely soft to skin, the visual is like the nature light of the scales. Once you put it on, you can’t help to touch it over and over again.

feGood is an natural deodorizer, the collagen yarns can also smooth the skin, adjust the moisture and temperature, features Hydrophilicity and Anti-static.
" The Old-Fashioned Gentleman "
Gentle & Thoughtful
A Man who Spoils his woman is not afraid to show his love!
Sharpen your outfit with feGood!
Old-Fashioned Gentleman is the sort of man who takes only the best of the past and innovates it to fit modern-day standards, wear what you want to wear, but you keep it classy.
Always being thoughtful and reliable when you are with beloveds.
Always respect everyone around, body and mind, likewise feGood adopts collagen yarns and applies advanced techniques, produces the smoothest protection.
Hydration is 7% more than Rayon clothing, feGood is like a body essence to keep the skin comfortable and hydrated.
No matter you are working in the dry air-conditioned room or when you are about to have intimacy with someone and the rest of the world fades to grey, you don’t want any static electricity to shock or interrupt you.
feGood’s design of collar can change your overall looking in a good way!
An Old-school gentlemen is Faithful to the loved one, doesn’t fool around with anyone.
feGood withstand the test of time and times of washing, your smart casual and classic choice.
" The Athletic Man "
Manly & Fresh
Men working out might be sweaty
but not necessarily be smelly!
Human pheromones are highly individualized, and not always noticeable. The truth is, the scents can be either the trigger or the killer of intimate moment.
Working out is to keep a good shape and health, you don’t have to be scruffy, stinky and ruin your image.
feGood Contains a special sweat-wicking yarns we called Cool-plus, it’s inspired from the nature, the sweat-wicking speed is much faster than nylon, polyester or cotton fibers.
It has the features of weak acid that can deodorize, quickly absorb the sweat and the smell underarm.
Inspiration from the nature, the Coast Redwood
The Coast Redwood (a.k.a Sequoia Sempervirens) is one of the highest tree species in the world. It is an evergreen, long-lived, monoecious tree living 1,200–1,800 years or more and there must be some certain reasons that make it so.
The tinny vascular tissue of xylem is mostly made up of tracheids that move water slowly to the top of the tree. aPure inspired from the capillary action and developed “Cool-plus”.

The Advanced Fiber with Cross Structure
To improve the water evaporation on the top of the fibers, we changed the fiber structure from round-shape to cross-shape, which is a great improvement on technique.

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" The Pet Lover "
Innocent & Pure
A Man who pampers the pets has a childlike heart
but can take care everything well!
feGood is UV resistant and best for Sunshine Guys!
The great man is he who does not lose his child's-heart, who is innocent and childlike while with the person making him comfortable.
feGood performs professional UV resistance for outdoor activities, UPF 30+, keeps you skin away from harmful UVA and UVB. You don’t need to worry about the sunburn, put on the Ace polo shirt and have fun with your fur babies!

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