Does Your Thermal Clothing Work? Can You Actually Feel It?
Are you constantly trying to escape the cold? Wearing thermal clothing will definitely help, but before you throw your money away, think about what you’re getting. Does the material actually heat me up or is it just thick? Is there a more valuable option? You would think there is, but where?
The heat-generating fibers origins are Japan and German.
Japan is the first country to successfully supply heat-generating fibers to the international market. The current thermal clothing specifications for the world market are based on the standards established by Japan’s Textile Federation and this paved the way for mass production of heat-generating fibers about 10 years ago. The fibers were initially used for industrial purposes. Just a year later, manufacturing heat-generating fibers for consumer use was approved and with it came our Heating Weak Acid Fibers.
Should Thermal Clothing be inexpensive?
You don’t have to look far to find the cold truth about consumer thermal clothing. It’s average, no different than a t-shirt, and rather inexpensive.
However, the cost of one kilogram of the heat-generating fiber is actually five times greater than that of cotton. How can thermal clothing be selling at the same price with cotton T-shirts? According to the facts above, you would think thermal clothing would be more expensive, right? That’s correct! Active thermal clothing that meets standards costs far more than the fair market price of “thermal” clothing.
Even if the concentration of the heat-generating fiber is 100%, the temperature cannot exceed 10°C. How can a commercial advertise claim the test report of thermal clothing that it could raise to 13°C? Looking at the report more carefully, we can see that a halogen lamp was used to heat it in the laboratory first, then the temperature rising test was performed. This figure can’t reflect if the subject can actively heat up or not.
An ideal thermal clothing can "Actively Heat Up" and "Actively Adjust Humidity" no matter what temperature or air humidity conditions.

If the Room temperature is over 22°C, the active heat generating clothes will make it too warm for the wearer. Can you guess why this heat-generating fiber is so rare?

Few manufacturers in the world have the ability to produce heat-generating fibers like Heating Weak Acid Fibers. This limitation is associated with the high cost of polymerization but can also be a cause of location.

Only well-established textile manufacturers have the financial resources to research, develop, and implement these production processes.

Sensitive to the cold or ready for adventure?

If you’ve experienced the bitter feeling of a harsh winter with the bone chill of a fierce wind, we can certainly agree on one thing – being cold is miserable. Here are the typical issues with cold weather:

Cold hands and feet

People who feel the cold more than others may have high expectations of thermal clothing while buying thermal clothing, hoping that they would not have to bear with the cold anymore. However, most of the thermal clothing has left them disappointed. Distinguishing ideal thermal clothing is a lesson. Adventurous or not, cold hands and feet plague your life in the winter. Our feHot technology prevents cold hands and feet, helping you avoid sickness and keeping you inspired. Fire place or duck blind, feHot technology is designed to purify your skin and heat your body.


Distorted Clothes

A cold-sensitive person can spend a quarter-fortune in an attempt to stay warm. Whether buying clothes or paying an outrageous heating bill, avoiding the cold comes at a cost. Generic thermal clothing begins to deform and lose its shape, revealing corrugated edges and thinner fabric. Who wants that? Either way, you end up spending relatively the same amount for stiff, irritating clothes.

The key to determining the integrity of a fabric is the weaving technology of the yarn. Generic thermal clothing usually adopts one yarn as the fiber’s core, while another fiber is wound clockwise around it. This method causes deformity in your clothes. Imagine when you were 9 years-old, playing tug-o-war with your neighbors. It is like the rope. When you constantly apply a twisting force in the same direction, the rope becomes tighter. The same effect occurs with cheap fabrication. Fibers become twisted into loose strips and as a result, your clothes are damaged and effectively ruined. Good riddance!

To solve this problem, aPure have two yarns wrapped in different directions, so that the cloth can be firm without being affected by wringing when washing. With feHot technology, your heart stays warm all winter long.

Stuffy and Sticky cloth causes Rashes

Cheap thermal clothing is suffocating. Sitting all day in sweat–trapped-clothes is begging for red, dry and itchy skin. The cold rash, you don’t have to live with it. The cellulose fiber made from wood pulp like TENCEL™ branded fibers feature excellent breathability, as well as low thermal conductivity, which is warm and breathable, heating but not stuffy, heat storing but not dry.

feHot contains high percentage of TENCEL™ branded fibers blended with Acrylate, it is the better choice. Rock your winter woes to sleep in the comfy, cozy feHot by aPure.

What’s Polymer Fiber?      

Because of it properties, polymer fiber is popular within aerospace, automotive, medical, and textile industries. A fiber like “ultra-lightweight carbon fiber” is a type of durable polymer.

Like Heating Weak Acid Fibers, the chemical properties of polymer fiber have greater tensile strength, better abrasion resistance, and better ductility than ordinary fibers.

Polymer also has high plasticity, meaning these fibers can be shaped easily, making them form fitting. Don't get it twisted, there are so many polymer fibers but only eco-friendly, botanic ones and processes are used in creating feHot clothing. 

Truth is, the following fibers are commonly found in the market which don’t generate heat.

1. Polyester fiber

This chemical fiber has a hollow tubular column, making its structure like a straw. The column contains still air to block heat convection. It’s an excellent material for heat conduction and can absorb the radiant heat of the human body, that is the longer the wearing time is, the more the heat energy is lost, and the colder the wearer will feel. The advantages of polyester fiber include being lightweight and inexpensive to manufacture and it is the most commonly used fiber component.

2. Rayon Fiber
Rayon was the first synthetic fiber. In 1884, some manufacturers claim that rayon can absorb moisture and heat up 3°C ~9°C, but rayon fiber itself can actually not “heat up” at all. Furthermore, low-quality rayon fiber easily fades after encountering water, so some clothes made of cheap rayon are marked as "dry clean only". The texture is soft, smooth, cool and has good water absorption, but it cannot block heat convection. Renewable rayon is very low-cost, and cheap thermal clothing usually contains high percentage of it.

3. Acrylic Fiber

Initially developed to imitate wool, acrylic fiber has a history of more than 100 years. It has a soft and fluffy feel and is lightweight, but it does not generate heat. Being fluffy means that a large volume of space is formed on the skin surface through the long fibers of cloth, which blocks some heat convection by the air, thus giving it a better heat storage effect than the hollow fiber, but it still cannot effectively control the loss of heat energy.

4. Far Infrared Fiber
It was developed more than 20 years ago, but it never been favored by consumers, mainly because there are too many counterfeit products, or the proportion of far infrared fibers in garments is so low that consumers do not feel its effects.
Far infrared fiber is used to absorb natural light and heat or absorb and reflect the radiant heat released by the human body and convert it into far infrared with a wavelength of 8∼14 μm. While a good material for actively absorbing heat radiation, it does not generate heat itself, nor can it control heat conduction and convection.

You need to get real thermal! Clothing that interweaves and interlaces active heat-generating fibers. Heating Acrylate Fibers with TENCEL™ fibers adjust humidity on the skin’s surface. When the humidity is high, TENCEL™ fibers actively absorb the moisture. When the skin’s surface is too dry, it will actively liberate the moisture.

It's not only breathable and gentle on the skin, the fiber also has low thermal conductivity and is resistant to wrinkles.

feHot, the thermal clothing with the best value for the money on earth!! 

Here’s a simple count: 

We know your concerns, Spending Money on the Right Stuff.

A. The heat-generating clothing yarns of feHot come from Japan; even if Japanese currency is devalued, it cannot reduce costs. Of course we know low price is more attractive, but we would never change the material because it is nothing more than sacrificing the market, trust, and value!

B. One article of feHot heat-generating clothing is equal to more than 2-3 articles of cheap thermal clothing, but aPure wants you to have a sense of reality and warmth. Unless you want to buy something seems like money saving but doesn’t work at all.

No More Dry or Itchy skin even without applying lotion

feHot heat-generating clothing has surprised our Japanese raw material supplier by combining 3 different yarns to solve the problem of static electricity and dry skin itching in cold and dry weather, it’s perfectly suitable for people with dry skin or those who are just too lazy to apply lotion.

Look closer, there’s a delicate stripe on the fabric with a furry feeling, which greatly increases the comfort of wearing. Even after times of washing, the shape and the feeling of touch maintain the same. No more hesitation and try it immediately!

Special Weaving Method Keeps the Shape Last Longer

There is nothing more disappointing than finding your clothes deformed after wearing them just a few times. You blame the washer or dryer, but then what? You should replace it with a higher quality product.

feHot series apply the professional anti-deformation “S-twist + Z-twist alternates weaving” adds an interlocking fiber that balances the weaving of the fabric so harsh twisting and pulling will not alter the integrity of the cloth, no deformation will occur, the surface will be elastic and stretchy. 

Whispering: Our designers mentioned that the weaving factory of feHot complains that it takes only 20 days to weave other clothing, but it takes 60 days to weave aPure clothing, we are one of their difficult customers.

feHot is created to deliver real heat-generating effects to the body by a strict and detailed weaving method. The quality is never diminished, and we will never diminish the feelings of our customers!

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7 KEY Benifits of feHot


The raw materials adopt the active moisture-absorbing and heat-generating fiber imported from Japan. Each piece of feHot clothing contains Japan’s TOYOBO Heating Acrylate Fibers. It absorbs sweat and regulates humidity and temperature for the best wearing experience.

The fibers have a silky elegant luster, as well as excellent moisture-absorbing and heat-generating properties. The SGS certificated that it can heat up to 6°C! feHot is perfect for tackling cold weather and especially attractive for people who is sensitive to cold.

Heat Storage

FeHot fabric has a fine fleece finish with a velvety inner layer. It feels as thick and soft as down feather, effectively blocking heat convection.

Through the thin and dense space on the surface, feHot accumulates heat between the human body and clothing. This heat is stored and circulated keeping you warm all winter long.

Keep you Clean & Smell Fresh

The active heat-generating fiber Heating Acrylate Fibers used in feHot has a unique structure for acid-based neutralization, eliminating odor caused by sweat reacting with bacteria in the air.

Blended with TENCEL™ fibers, it creates a unique environment that is unfavorable for bad bacteria and prevents sulfide and nitride odors.

Reduce Static Electricity

Dry, cold air is more of an insulator of static electricity, you might get zapped when touch a metal object or another person.

feHot contains high percentage of TENCEL™ fibers which are low-static material, also the Heating Weak Acid Fibers used by feHot can retain a moderate amount of moisture in the body to avoid getting static electricity shock caused by friction or rubbing.

Quick-Wicking & Humidity Regulating

The Heating Weak Acid Fibers fiber in feHot acts as a humidity regulator with 5 times the effect of natural cotton. It is a performance indicator of the moisture absorption and releasing effect of the existing fibers and can intelligently regulate humidity and temperature as air circulates.

The fiber is very fine, with an obvious moisture absorbing permeability.  Your clothes stay dry, you stay comfortable, and your skin becomes moisturized without the stickiness! The greatest benefit of the quick wick tech is that feHot fibers help you avoid the cold sweat.

Gentle and Smooth like silk, No Itching & No Irritating.

feHot is made with Eco-soft materials and is biodegradable. In addition, feHot is smooth as silk with twice the softness of cotton, laying gently on the body with no itchy sensation.

The natural anti-wrinkle property gives feHot clothing a low shrinkage rate preventing the stiffness seen in cotton yarn clothing.

All feHot clothing retains its characteristics through heavy washing.

No Deformation

aPure has implemented a special weaving technique for feHot clothing to make it durable and does not cur or fray at the edges. Using alternate weaving methods such as this adds to the durability of the clothing.

Remember the tug –o-war rope from your child? Imagine playing with a generic thermal shirt, and then replace it with feHot technology. It is certain that feHot’s structural integrity is the best on the market but we advise against using it as a rope. It works much better as heat-generating clothing.


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Why people who don’t mind the cold still buy feHot ?
Heat Generation and Control

“Sweat less.” Eskimo culture survives on this wisdom. It keeps your body free of moisture. The science behind this thought is of moisture’s dynamic form. It can heat or cool quickly. 

Working long hours, leaving early and getting home late. The occasional graveyard shift. Professionals in the service industry see it all, and their biological clocks take the toll. With low body temperature and leukocyte activity, catching a bug more than once is inevitable. That’s no way to enjoy a pure life. This is why Police officers, pilots, and delivery workers are among our primary customers. feHot protects them while they put in the hard hours. 

Have you ever put something wet in your freezer? The moisture freezes before the object. The same effect happens to your body, which is what causes colds and fevers. In some cases, hypothermia will set in, and as all mountain climbers must know, the rise and fall of body temperature is lethal. feHot’s heat-generative fiber  converts moisture into heat while simultaneously venting excess moisture. This forms a dual exhaust that regulates your body by heating, cooling or drying as necessary.

  1. Biodegradable Manufacturing Process doesn’t contribute to pollution.
  2. Wrinkle-resistant and perfectly fit.
  3. Quick-Wicking & Easy Clean.
  4. No friction, No irritating, No fading, No residue, No shrinking.
  5. Mixed & Blended with cotton and Acrylates, smooth and gentle to skin.
  6. High percentage of the lightest, luxurious Tencel™ fiber.
  7. Heat-retaining, heat-generating and breathable.
  8. Both Hand Washing and Machine Washing are applicable.
  9. Durable and drapes naturally against your body.
  10. Self Humidity Regulating, no itchy and no static.