Laundry & Maintenance

Tips that can EXTEND the Life of Pure5.5 and also other soft touch and silky texture apparel.

  1. Do not Overwash. Doing so can destroy the fiber structure. The action principle of the aPure product comes from the fiber itself, so overwashing and pulling to dry may cause ruptured fibers and decrease in function.
  2. Go for Cold Water: It’s an Eco-friendly choice that can save money on your energy bill. Use it for the light and soft fabric to prevent shrinking. Warm water is more applicable for man-made fibers and jeans.
  3. We recommend using a neutral detergent. Unless overused or soaked for a long period, normal laundry detergent, cold washing agent, and even body wash, shampoo, and hand cleanser used as laundry detergent, will not influence the function of Pure5.5.
  4. Do not soak or allow to lie in a heavy-base detergent such as fabric softener or bleach. These detergents have powerful chemical properties that can often damage clothing. Additionally, these agents may leave residue that prevents the fiber’s characteristics and harms the clothing material or the wearer.
  5. Drying tip for Tops : After washing, we recommend laying underwear flat to avoid the weight of the water from pulling the fabrics and causing deformation.
  6. Special tip for Pure5.5, the fiber’s acidity can be activated by using the following methods:
    Add a half bottle cap of vinegar (or substances with acid molecules, such as lemon juice or coke) into a half washbasin of water, mix uniformly, and place the Pure5.5 item in the solution to soak for one hour, which will activate the molecules in the fiber.