Every Woman Deserves a Set

Life is, at times, tough.
You should Treat yourself Better than others
Lives are never easy.

Men or women, fight for your life and play different roles, a mother, a wifey, a hubby, an office lady, a tough manager etc...

It seems most of the time your life is all about how to take care of or get along with others, when is the time for yourself? The time after all the makeup are removed, after the shower, and right before your bed time. During the night, you are fragile and sensitive but also relaxing.
You don't need to be always invincible. The real courage is not to hide but to face all the stress or emotional reactions that happened to you.

Variety of negative energies are taken by your body, cumulatively cause body sores or even inflammation.

For all time, you don't owe anyone but yourself

It's time to give yourself a nice treat, put on the Weak Acid Body Mask, Pure5.5 pH Balancing Tops, to relax and enjoy the night. Pure5.5 can Gently embrace your body, heal and chill your mind, let the little girl deep in your soul come out so that you can have a Sweat Dream! 

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What makes Pure5.5 so Different?

① Burden Free
Adopts The longest Hydrophilic Staple Fibers with weak acid feature, keep balancing the oil and moisture of your skin 24/7.


② Weak Acid Protection
Taking shower may strip your skin of its natural oils or irritate skin sometimes. Weak acid fibers become the most natural protection.


③ Most Smooth Touch
Contains botanic TENCEL™ fiber which is more delicate than 100% Cotton products. Have your sweet dreams with the gentle touch of Pure5.5.
④ Let your Body and Skin to “Breathe”
While sleeping, your body and brain do quite a bit of work that’s key for your health, repairing and cleaning for example. Pure5.5 makes they work more easily and comfortably.


⑤ Pure and No Harmful Residue
ECO-Labelling Fabrics with High Grade of Colorfastness, leave no residue, no fading and no harm to you and the Earth.


⑥ Easy Clean & Quick dry
Applies high-count yarns present good humidity release and air permeability. This has the benefits of granting immense breathability and preventing stains from getting absorbed.

Get Rid of Negatives In Lives

Pure5.5 pH Balancing Tops and Underwear are made to treasure, balance and comfort your skin. If you already tried Pure5.5 pH balancing Underwear, you should have experienced the way it protects and cares your intimate skin, now you should also have the tops!


Don't let the harmful chemical substances or dyes get anymore closer to you!

95% of the Users Recommend!
If you don't sleep well for long time, get tired easily, the muscles of shoulder get tight, or the skin gets oily, all these are signals of exhausted body. You should give it a thorough relief now!
After all-day working or rushing, you would really like to take a warm and bath to unwind, change to a most comfortable outfit, and expect to the chilled night. Put on the Pure5.5 which contains high percentage of botanic TENCEL™ fiber to moisturize your skin. Change the outfit and the mood!

Especially for Moms, you always take your family’s health for priority, you should get to know about Pure5.5. The main materials of Pure5.5 are TENCEL™ fiber from Austria and Acrylate fiber from Japan, we adds no harmful agents or additives and adopts eco-friendly production process to make sure you and your family are being cared safely and smoothly.

Comfy Outfit to Wear on a Plane

The air in the cabin at up high is extraordinarily dry and the pressure is low. It makes the skin easily to get dry, itchy and tired. Always remember to put on the Pure5.5 pH Balancing Tops before boarding with loose pants and jackets as standard outfit for the voyage. 


It’s not convenient to apply lotions to your body on the plane. Pure5.5 keeps proper moisture of your body, absorbs excessive oil, maintains the balance of your skin, actively adjust the temperature and moisture, and gently offers the weak acid environment to your body. Wherever you are going, Pure5.5 is your best mate on the plane. 

Any factor can Keep the Passion of Love?
Be Seduced even when sweating
The relationship between couples nowadays are more difficult than before due to busy life, increasing life stress or other reasons. Love should not be taken for granted, it need your protection and repeated optimization, especially when creating ambience of the intimate moments.

Put on Pure5.5 pH Balancing Tops blended TENCEL™ fibers and Acrylate fibers into high-count yarns, preform the most smooth touch to skin, fast moisture adjustment, you can be still elegant even when sweating so that you can pay all attention to enjoy the moments, and have a sweet sweet dream afterward.

Furthermore, the Pure5.5 has very compact and dense surface makes it very easy to clean and fast to dry. High Grade of Colorfastness keeps the color last long, just like your loves.

Pet Parents Will Love it!

Hello Pet Parents! Playing with your adorable FurBabies should be the most healing thing in the world! You definitely experienced they pulling on your clothing, their fur sticking on all your clothes. If the weather is humid, sometimes their smells get stronger.

Now you can put on Pure5.5, and you don’t need to worry about all these! Pure5.5 performs great flexibility, smooth surface and contains weak acid fibers that can eliminate the smell!

Pure5.5 Women's pH Balancing Tops

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