PureSocks' Journey is since 2003

Welcome to aPure's Time Machine......


There were only 2 choices, Black Socks or White Socks in the beginning...

However it was a very success start.

The quality was strictly controlled since the first batch of production, the Puresocks helped many customers. 

Over 10,000 pairs of PureSocks were sold in the First Year!

We received the first mail from the customer in 2005, mentioned how he was satisfied and his expectation to aPure! 

Since that, more and more feedbacks and reviews were collected. 

Thanks to the customer's Positive Feedbacks and the Impressive Sales Figures, aPure was encouraged to invest more to offer better products!

In 2006, we started our business on Yahoo! 

This change brought us a huge improvement on sales. 

The supply of PureSocks didn't meet the demand  at that time, as aPure was the one and only Brand of deodorant socks.


With Increasing demand and customers,

aPure Launched a new products, the patented insoles, as a more comprehensive and faster helper. 

The Perfect Uniting of the socks and insoles generated much more customers of deeper connection with aPure.


aPure's official Website finally achieved a breakthrough after over 60 times of modifications and optimizations.  

We Launched more than 36 types of socks, offered more colors, different functions and distinct themes.  

The demand grew rapidly especially on Sports Collection, we had to increase our production capacity by having 6 more Hosiery Machines.


 aPure got into the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Stores this year.

We were the first deodorant socks Brand landing a spot in the retail big leagues. 


aPure Set our first physical store in the Shilin Night Market, it was a small place but it was always full. 

We Sold only Socks but still we got so much more supports than we expected.

We can never forget the lines at the checkout.


The 2012 was a tough year. There were many top brands worldwide in the apparel or clothing industry was imported to Taiwan due to reduced tariffs. 

In response to the competitors flooded the Taiwan market, aPure invested more stores and spots to reach the customers, adjusted the production and paid even more attentions on quality. 


More themes and types of socks were brought to the market in 2013.

aPure developed dress socks, toe socks, campus socks, no show socks, kids' socks to satisfy different occasions,ages and interests.


We started thinking:

How to make our customers Enjoy and Have Fun with PureSocks?

It can be more than just functional!

To promote sporty atmosphere and enjoy the games with football fans, aPure introduced the first World Cup Limited Edition.

It was sold out immediately, and even now, we still got many inquiries of it. 


“Love is the flower you've got to let grow.” 

There's flower blooming and cozy breeze everywhere in Spring time. Men or women should all have the scene with us! 

A gentleman wearing floral socks can be either macho or romantic.  

Another Theme of 2015 is "Jumping Color Collection".

More than 20 Colors for your choices, a easier way to practice your attitude of life and match your shoes or clothes!! 

We went to one of the famous National Forest Recreation Area in North Taiwan to shoot the scenes of our whole new product, feHot Series.

It's especially for the users who suffer from cold, the idea is to warm the feet and heart.

It's our "Travel of Love"

Same as usual, this thermal socks sold out in a very short time!



“You had me at hello.”

The most beautiful thing is to Fall in Love with the one who loves you back. 

We presented Couples No show Socks.

No matter how far apart you are, your hearts are close to each other. 

We also improved the patterns, the colors of Jumping Color, Spring Garden and feHot thermal Socks this year.

Form the past dozens of years til now, we insist to provide good quality to our customers. We did and we will Keep making different themes of socks and also other different kinds of products. 

You might not know about us before.

We sincerely invite you to Enjoy the journey with Us from Now!