It’s All About Comfort And Chillaxing
PureSocks Fulfill your 10 Desires of Socks
aPure Insists to Select Raw-Material by ourselves, we invite a master craftsman of hosiery with dozens years’ experience to help us settle the manufacturing procedures, and the detail from yarn drawing, dyeing to blending. We use various functional fibers to process 5 complex stages, work slow to make sure every single part of the socks like the sock tubes, the sock soles, the sock cuffs and the footbed are precisely made.
What you are wearing is not just a pair of socks but our expectation and insistence of making socks. We intend to provide a purely simple support, and you Enjoy your every step of your Life with PureSocks!
The Chosen raw material fibres are the origin of good socks. Engage in Quality only, we blend & mix 3 higher cost yarns that are Deodorant Yarns, Anti-bacterial Yarns and Moisture Wicking Yarns, to make aPure’s PureSocks!
Your Desired Socks perform Features of Odor Free, Sweat Wicking, Well-Protection, and Keep you Dry & Comfy.
Our unique Air-Flow design can make Moisture Absorbing and Sweat Wicking very fast, the air circulation between feet and the shoes run well so that your feet can Breathe and Relieve!
The “Moisture Absorbing & Sweat Wicking Textile” we developed and the “Double-sided Weaving” keep the deodorant & wicking functions to last long no matter how many times of washing.
The maximum production capacity of a hosiery machine is 200 pairs per day. After the socks tubes turned inside out, a knitwear worker start to manually stitch the separated sock parts together. Such manual work is quite time-consuming, we need to adjust the socks by hand, apply high temperature steam to form a “Three-dimension Structure” that can thoroughly warp your feet and enhance the durability.
PureSocks adopt Extra-fine Elastic Fibers imported from Japan so to be your best mate to walk with, run with and jump with!
The socks cuff can fit all shapes and all sizes of legs, perform good flexibility to keep it from sliding, sagging & slipping. It’s not too tight, not too loose and leaves no marks!
PureSocks apply a great amount of High Quality Combed Cotton, high-count knitting to create a “high-density, soft and elastic” texture.
The Homme Collection even applies the highest standard Highest Standard of yarn-count, 200-count, makes it Ultra-fine and soft, even the babies will love the touch of the skin!
Walk with PureSocks to capture every single sight in your life!
They said it takes at least 15 years to accomplish a craftsman who can accurately calibrate all kinds of the hosiery machines according to the thickness and the texture of the yarns.
To make the toe box Non-compressive and Seamless, we use the Hand Counting Simulation Sewing Machine so that the finished products feels as if it were made by hand and more durable.
The details made how the socks to be. The enhanced U-heel Design perfectly covers the area from heel to ankle, distributes the pressure evenly to stabilize the ankle.
This High-density Cushion Design protects the heel and effectively reduces the friction and damage. The Dynamic Stretch Ribs Design increases the strength and the flexibility, lessen pain and swelling in your feet. We are picky in every detail making socks.
Sports Collection adopts 3-Pick Terry on the footbed padding to protect the ankle, the arch, and the toes. This sock-weaving method makes the socks extremely supportive to transverse arch and longitudinal arches, wearing it is like stepping on an air cushion.
PureSocks is the best shield of your feet no matter how the weather be, we won Special Forces Design Award for the high density, high abrasion resistance, good performance of durability and sweat-absorbing!
Every single pair of PureSocks adds no harmful additives, the Colorfastness Reaches Grade 4, means No Fading and friendly to sensitive skin.
We have implemented quality control checklists and standards; the dye uniformity check, the color concentration tests, and fabric inspection are key processes in quality permission from aPure.
Any defects like poor dyeing, loose threads or poor stitching are restored to their natural properties and recycled to fiber.
PureSocks adds Silicon Dioxide which is widely used in cosmetics and skin care products for Moisturizing.
Wearing PureSocks is like putting essence or lotion on your feet, Softening Keratin, Absorbing Oil and Moisturizing at the same time! Keep you warm but not rub your heel, protect your feet from cracked and blisters!